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28th July 20151Comment

Finding a Yoga class for me is the equivalent to finding a partner. It is hard to find the ONE. The one being something you want to stick with and spend time with each week.

I am not an Ashtanga Yogi. My morning glory will never be to wake up and practice the same vigorous routine every day and only avoid it on my period or moon days. Yes, Astanga yoga is breath taking to watch. But I personally need a bit of variety in my life, an element of surprise for my mind and body. Mixing things up stops me becoming complacent.

Truth is, when it comes to yoga I am a polygamist. I just can’t settle on one style and so I listen to what my body wants. Sometimes this is not to practise any asanas (postures) at all and instead I may meditate or do some pranayama breathing techniques.

As with fellas, as with yoga. I have tried a lot of guys and a lot of yoga classes. When I find one I like, I stick with it but I still like to experience new teachers and styles. There are so many options available and so I think it is only fair that I speed date yoga. As well as guys.

My current love affair is with AcroYoga.

This relationship requires TRUST. Without it we will go nowhere.
It requires STRENGTH. But this is something we can work on over the weeks.
It requires PATIENCE. To get through the initial ‘getting to know you stage’.
I am willing to give it TIME. I’ll stick with it before the seven year itch (normally 4.5yrs for me!) kicks in.

I began my relationship with AcroYoga at About Balance in Brighton. I teach here on a Monday night so thought I would check out my fellow Yogi Cat Duval’s Friday evening class.

AcroYoga is a mix of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage…no baby oil required! However it does involve a ‘ménage a trois’ as you require a base, a flyer and a spotter. Safety in numbers and someone to catch you if you fall!

To begin with it is quite daunting just like any new relationship but it is all about listening, loving and letting go. There is a joy in connecting, being aware of your breathing and creating a balance in life. It is such a positive experience and one not to be missed!

I am in the process of going through a private 6-8wk course with Cat and my friend Graham. Graham is 6’2” and I am 5’4”. It amazes me that I can base (support him) and that he can support me (even a Yogi can have weight issues!). But we can… Cat has taught us the correct positioning to do so and now it isn’t so scary towering in the air balancing on Graham’s feet. I think you need a good partner and I trust him. I have cheated and tried with others but I prefer my boy. He is my fellow Sun Power Yoga Teacher, a kindred Spirit and half Scottish to boot! Maybe I will trust others over time but for now Graham is my flying partner.

Kirsty & Graham
Kirsty & Graham

If you ask my old friends in Scotland they would be aghast at the thought of me touching people. I am not a hugger (unless I have consumed copious amount of alcohol and even then you have to jump on me). Partner and AcroYoga are different. I love the connection and the support. I enjoy it that much that I will be completing diplomas in Partner Yoga and also Thai Yoga Massage this Autumn/Winter. I want to introduce these elements to my students and give them some of my love.

So this love affair is going strong…single life and dating on the other hand, well that is a whole other kettle of Matysa (Sanskrit for fish)!

Kirsty is The League of Fabulous Women’s favourite yogi.Join Kirsty’s meet up group to attend a Sun Power Yoga class in Brighton. We love it & her!

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