tlfw is a lifestyle network for child free women; whether child free by circumstance or by choice. It’s about sorted women at the cutting-edge of their careers and lives. tlfw helps women explore and expand the potential they already have and offers a network of fun, fabulous and fascinating women to connect and work with, learn from, and be inspired by.


Connecting through friendship

tlfw has two distinct but connected platforms for women to network through – meetups and

The original meet up, aimed at so-called PANKs (Professional Aunty, No Kids), was set up by Dr Chloe Peacock in Brighton in 2013. Meeting together in some of Brighton’s trendiest hotspots to talk about issues other than children and family life and to enjoy the company and friendship of other similar women, word spread quickly and by 2015 the group was more than 400 strong.

The League of Fabulous Women meet up groups are now being expanded nationwide. We have launched in BristolLondon East and Manchester this year. If you are interested in being the local organizer of a tlfw meetup, please contact Chloe.

Taking the ethos of The League of Fabulous Women and the meetup groups online, is a place for women to connect wherever they are, swapping advice and offering stories about life as a free thinking, go-getting woman in the world. With informative articles and provocative comment pieces, is the place to go to gen up on essential must-knows such as financial planning for single and childfree women.

It’s also the place where you can start grappling with issues such as portrayals of childfree women in the media and the politics of safe spaces for women. And if you want to be inspired, there are tales of women doing everything from roller derby to travelling alone and unplanned to the furthest corners of the world. With content to inform and inspire, is where you can connect and talk online through the community forums, getting support, planning together and triggering ideas that help women make their mark in the world.

tlfw team

Dr Chloe Peacock, founder

Chloe is the founder of The League of Fabulous Women. She is a semiotics expert with 10 years’ experience in qualitative research for leading luxury and lifestyle brands. Chloe has also worked as a cool hunter, spotting emergent trends for big brands.

Chloe has travelled extensively in South East Asia and as both a traveler and a cool hunter, she continues to be fascinated and inspired by the relationships between traditional cultures and contemporary Western consumer trends.

When not staying in a remote part of Myanmar or scouring fashions in markets on the Thai/Malay border, Chloe’s home is Brighton by the sea where as well as walking her beloved dog Cuba on The Downs, she can be found in the coffee shops and bars of the Brighton Laines, meeting with entrepreneurs and adventurers doing all sorts of amazing things. Passionate about animals and the Sussex countryside, she has inherited her father’s love of race horses. You might occasionally spot her in the owners’ and trainers’ enclosure at Goodwood or watching the polo at Cowdray.

She holds a doctorate on brand consumer participation and social distinction.

For all affiliate, advertising and branding enquires or more information on starting a tlfw meetup group in your area please contact Chloe


Shirley Dent

Dr Shirley Dent, editor

Shirley is tlfw editor. She has 20 years’ experience in editorial and communications work, leading award-winning communications teams for a range of think-tanks and not-for-profit organisations. Her academic background is in Romantic poetry, having written her PhD thesis on William Blake and still keeping her academic hand in reviewing for the Times Literary Supplement.

Shirley’s passions in life are poetry, politics and pointes, She was part of founding team for the Battle of Ideas festival when she worked as Communications Director for the Institute of Ideas and ten years later she still organizes debates for the festival on issues as diverse as children’s literature and gaming. She has written comment and opinion pieces for the Guardian, The Times, Independent, Times Higher Education, Prospect magazine and spiked online.

Shirley adores ballet and loves poetry, most often as separate art forms but occasionally together. Spending time between her Normandy cottage and London-base, she also loves to eat and drink well, whether cooking for herself, making dinner for good friends or indulging in a get together at a good restaurant.

For all editorial enquiries and blogging opportunities contact Shirley.

Ruth Saxton
Ruth Saxton, editorial and events.

Ruth is tlfw ‘woman in the know’ for the North of England. If there is something worthwhile or hip happening in the Leeds or Manchester area she’s probably already been or at least knows about it.

She started her career in her early twenties developing scripts and acquiring/marketing films for an international distribution company in London. However, when Ruth relocated to her hometown of Leeds, she retrained to be a teacher. She has since held the post of Chair of the National Association for the Teaching of Drama, where she fought against Drama’s marginalisation. A year ago (2014) she stepped down to concentrate on voluntary projects closer to home but is still fighting for the arts in education.

When not playing roller derby with the Leeds Roller Dolls, Ruth is often at Elland Road following the woes of her beloved Leeds United. She still loves films and is happiest curled up with a black and white classic or waiting for the lights to go down in the cinema. Dance, art and theatre are also great passions, as well as constantly listening to music and going to gigs. She likes to travel but is most at home in NYC, a place she actually called home for a year. Ruth trains regularly and challenges herself with charity events like climbing Ben Nevis in the pitch black at midnight.

Right now she is a Primary School teacher for some of the week, and writer, volunteer, freelance Drama specialist and Community PR for the rest.

If you would like to see your new venue, event or arts organisation on tlfw contact Ruth.

  About Chloe, Shirl and Ruth as friends and colleagues

Chloe and Shirley met when they were both students, making ends meet by taking calls on the Sun bingo line. (True story!) Finding they had more in common than the ability to answer phones, send out bingo cards and fend off difficult customers, Chloe and Shirley kept in touch over many years – over 20 in fact. Chloe and Ruth met in a queue collecting their grant cheques (yes it was that long ago) for a course in audio-visual studies in East London. They ended up sharing a house and working on various short film projects together. The trio shared many an outrageous night out in a burgeoning Shoreditch way back when, that cemented a friendship spanning two decades and counting.

As with any friendship, there have been ups and downs for all of them in their private and professional lives. But through a mixture of humour, toughness, honesty and kindness they kept going to achieve a lot for themselves and be there as friends for each other. They also have a circle of friends they could say exactly the same thing about – the tough moments bringing friendships closer and helping us get beyond the moment to reach better and bigger horizons.