tlfw core values are friendship, honesty, toughness and kindness

tlfw aims to bring together women who share these values and who are forging independent lives for themselves. tlfw is the place where childfree, sorted and savvy women come together for friendship and fun.


Our meetups

tlfw meetups are free-to-join and allow like-minded women to come together to have fun and socialise in a grown-up way. From getting together for low key drinks, coffee and a beach stroll, to donning on-trend clobber for a day at the races, our meetups are about forming friendships while being fabulous.

And fabulous here does not mean ‘cooler-than-thou’ – tlfw meetups offer the warm welcome to our newbies that comes from confident, independent women sharing experiences, laughs and savviness. Here’s what tlfw meetup-ers say:

Right now the meetup groups take place in BristolLondon, Manchester and Brighton and tlfw is keen to expand this network of groups. If you would like to help setup a group in your area contact Chloe


If you want to discuss issues that matter to childfree, independent women with others and share your experiences and swap advice, the tlfw forum offers an online space to do so. You need to register or login below to be a forum member.

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