Exhibitionism inspired lipstick looks

Exhibitionism inspired lipstick looks Vanessa Fergus

2nd September 2016
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A few of the tlfw London based ladies and I went to see The Rolling Stones Exhibition‘Exhibitionism‘ at the Saachi Gallery. It was a really impressive, full on interactive experience with loads to see and do. As usual I was seduced whilst browsing in the shop and bought myself a tee shirt and some badges. I bought the badges on a whim because I quite liked the look of them; I never thought it was going to become the inspiration for a beauty post!

Rolling Stones Exhibition Badges

When I looked at the badges I purchased from Exhibitionism, the vibrancy of the colours struck a chord with me, and so it inspired me to get out of my beauty comfort zone and try something really novel. The Rolling Stones mouth/tongue logo is so iconic, so I had the idea to interpret this with some new lipsticks looks.

Mick Jagger, singer with the Rolling Stones, commissioned Jon Pasche, who was then a young student at the Royal College of Art in London, to produce the logo after seeing his designs at the Royal College of Art final degree show in 1970.

I decided I would take on the trend for “out there” colours I’ve been seeing. I like to try to take make-up trends, but interpret and translate them a little  – so they’re actually wearable for everyday life.

I wanted a quick and easy way to get this done without breaking the bank (in case I hated it) so I headed to NYX and got Envy from their Wicked collection.

NYX Envy 1

… and Barry M for their Lip Paint in Black


Barry M Black 1

When I think of The Rolling Stones from a beauty perspective, I think of rock chick make up! Generally that classic look, a wing liner or a smoky eye and a red lip a la Karen O. So I started out with what I call, the red lips a plenty look. To switch it up a little from what I usually wear – I used gloss instead of a lipstick. This is Succubus by Illamasqua and its pretty intense. People see your lips a mile away when you wear this.

Red Lip
Looking good but is hardly going to set the beauty world on fire!


To me, the next logical step was to move on to the blue…


Blue lip

It’s a royal metallic blue and I built up the coats with much blotting in between to get a solid colour. I loved this but it took me a while to get used to such an unusual hue.

And then there was black!

black lips 1

I have to say it was quite shocking to see me with such a dark lipstick. I thought I’d be ready for it because I’d just tried the blue and loved it, but this is a whole other step. I felt ready to take on the world but in a completely different sense to the way a red lip makes me feel I can take on the world.

At £5.50 for NYX Envy and £4.99 for the Barry M, it was a great inexpensive way for me to try out this new trend with super bold colours.


What did I learn from this experiment?

That you have to be extra careful with the application!  These colours transfer onto your teeth very easily. To counteract that, I held off using as much colour in the middle of my lips, but can see in a couple of these photos if you do that it can really show. Next time I will use lipstick sealer to help with this issue.

I’ve always known the power of a great lipstick but when I looked back at the oodles of selfies I took, I realised that I even posed slightly differently when I was wearing the blue and the black lipsticks.

Lastly that I’m actually excited to take these out for a full wear and see how they fare and what reactions I get. Maybe to the next tlfw meet up in London and then I can see what the lovely  ‘League of Fabulous Women’ think of these looks…


Vanessa is a member of The League of Fabulous Women London East and we love her. Vanessa is also a successful London based beauty and lifestyle blogger Sorbet Sundays. She moved to the London after getting her dance degree, loved everything it had to offer and never left. When Vanessa isn’t working or blogging she loves researching her next tech, beauty & fashion buys. She also loves to indulge her creative side, writes the occasional song, customises clothes/photos that she mostly gifts to friends and family, and enjoys meditating to cope with life in the big city.

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