Getting In Shape For Summer

Getting In Shape For Summer by Jenny Cromack

23rd June 2015
Getting in shaper for summer

Many of us are thinking about getting in shape for summer holidays.

With so many things going on at work or in your social life, it can be quite hard to think about doing some exercise let alone actually doing some exercise. So here are some top tips from Jenny Cromack at motive8 North to help get you in shape for summer.

  1. Become a fat-burning furnace with HIIT Training

HIIT training (see boxout) has much better and bigger impact than just doing 40 minutes steady on the cross trainer watching EastEnders. I cannot tell you how much you should embrace the era of HIIT training if you want to shed fat and look more svelte and toned.

As with all exercise, HIIT gets results from routine and hard work. Doing the 4 minute tabata protocol does not mean overnight you’ll drop a dress size. I’m talking about fitting two good quality HIIT sessions into your weekly regime.

Try this for size. I’m going to use running as an example but you could choose a bike or rowing machine instead.

Perform a thorough warm up for 5 minutes, then…..

  • Sprint x 60 seconds, rest or walk/jog x 60 seconds – Repeat x 4
  • Sprint x 45 seconds, rest or walk/jog x 45 seconds – Repeat x 4
  • Sprint x 30 seconds, rest or walk/jog x 30 seconds – Repeat x 4


Work as hard as you can on the sprint intervals – the key to effective HIIT training is that you must put 100% into your intervals.


  1. Continue to be a fat-burning furnace with RESISTANCE Training

Now, ladies, I don’t want you to be put off when you read this. Unless you have abnormally high levels of testosterone you will NOT bulk up and become the incredible hulk.

To get that svelte, toned beach body you desire you need to be doing some form of strength training 2-3 times per week. I’m not talking lifting 1-2kg dumbbells (your handbag probably weighs more!) but lifting weights where after 12-15 reps you feel like you can’t complete another repetition.

You need to focus on big muscle group exercises such as:
Squats – think toned thighs and ass!
Deadlifts – think firm butt
Chest Press or Press Ups – banish those bingo wings without a tricep dip in sight!
Bent Over Rows – no more back fat!

A great method of training guaranteed to blast body fat and firm those muscles is a method called German Body Composition Training. Have a read of our blog about it here!

Both the purpose of performing HIIT training and resistance training is to elevate your metabolism post workout. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you will burn once you have stopped working out, even if you’re putting your feet up watching the TV!

I know that many women have joined the #girlswholift group… one of them and reap the rewards!

So, that’s the exercise side of things cracked, but no matter how hard you work in the gym this must be complemented with a healthy diet. Here are my nutritional tips:

  1. Eat clean – no processed foods. If it’s in a box, bag or packet then bin it!
  2. Focus on healthy proteins, good fats and low GI carbohydrates
  3. Limit carbs to 1-2 meals per day
  4. Limit fruit to 1-2 portions per day for effective fat loss
  5. Limit alcohol intake to 6 units per week

So, there’s the principles, but how are you going to fit your training sessions in? Don’t always think that you have to be exercising in the gym for hours on end to get results. A good quality HIIT or weights sessions for 30 minutes should have the same results provided you have worked at the correct intensity.

Here is a great beach body workout for you to try the next time you’re the gym. It should take around 30-40 minutes:

  • Warm Up x 5 minutes (choose a machine like the rower or cross trainer)
  • Intervals – choose your preferred machine, I’m using the treadmill.
  • 45 seconds – sprint uphill @ 3% incline / Rest or walk x 45 seconds – Repeat x 3
  • 45 seconds – sprint uphill @ 2% incline / Rest or walk x 45 seconds – Repeat x 3
  • 45 seconds – sprint uphill @ 1% incline / Rest or walk x 45 seconds – Repeat x 4
  • Weights – choose a weight where you can reach 12-15 reps but no more. If you can keep going increase the weight!

Repeat each pair (A & B) x 3, then move on to the next pair.

  • 1B. CHEST PRESS X 15
  • 3A. SQUATS X 15

Remember, everyone if you want that svelte look then it’s about prioritising your workouts. Perform this session 3 times per week in addition to another interval session and you should soon see the results.

HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training.
Find out more with Jenny at Motiv8 North

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