The League of Fabulous Women news

The League of Fabulous Women news Chloe Peacock

18th September 2015

The League of Fabulous Women & has been ‘live’ now for a little over two months. I want to say a big thank you for your support and encouragement so far.

I’m pleased to report that membership to the free meetup-groups is growing steadily just through word of mouth. The inaugural get-togethers in: London, Bristol and Manchester all had a good turn out. Special thanks to the lovely Caroline Arnold heading up Bristol and who has been ‘cooking with gas’. She’s already established regular after-work drinks and the crew are off to the theatre and TedX together soon. Meanwhile in London our newly formed East-End posse have been sampling Bethnal Green’s finest beverages and cheese boards at The Sun Tavern and getting lost (in a good way) at the uber cool Lynchesque popup.

Fabulous Women of Manchester
Fabulous Women of Manchester

I can’t say enough good things about the warm, friendly and switched on women in Manchester who enjoyed an evening of 2-4-1 cocktails and jazz at a speakeasy The Fitzgerald in The Northern Quarter. There was quite a bit of hugging at the end of the night via an impromptu debate on the Labour party leadership.

Some of our London/Brighton crew get a surprise with their Twin Peaks cocktail
Some of our London/Brighton crew get a surprise with their Twin Peaks cocktail

Let’s not forget the original Brighton Belles who have had a brilliant time of it at open air theatre on one of the rare dry evenings of the summer, watching Mistress America at the flicks on one of the many evenings it rained, and dressing up and kicking up their heels for The Great Gatsby Gathering.

Some of the Brighton Fabulous Women.
Some of the Brighton Fabulous Women.

I’ve been whizzing about to personally say hello to all the new meetups. It’s been a privilege to gather with such sociable childfree women of different ages and from all walks of life. It’s genuinely filled me with happiness to see people swapping numbers with each other at these events and the forming of new friendships. The League is strong and long may we continue to embody our values: friendship, honesty, toughness, kindness.

Don’t forget we’re on Twitter and Facebook. We really need your help to spread the word and give us a follow, a retweet, a like and a share and shout out to your networks so that we may reach more childfree women and to let them know they are not the only ones. You can see more pictures from our nights out and general gadding about on instagram.  The featured image is of Chloe & Ruth when they were at The Fitzgerald with The Manchester meetup.

Don’t forget to get in touch if you have a topic you want to blog about or you want to write about your own business or service, which you think will interest and help our growing community. We’re still operating as a freemium service for our signed up members so right now there is no charge for advertorial. It is important however you fill out the ‘sign –up’ form on the home page on the right to make the most of tlfw and all the good stuff coming up. We have our first competition and give away very soon!

Thanks once again and loads of love
Chloe x

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