Missoni Art Colour exhibition at The Fashion & Textile Museum

Missoni Art Colour exhibition at The Fashion & Textile Museum Chloe Peacock

16th May 2016
Missoni exhibition

The League of Fabulous Women Brighton and The League of Fabulous Women London East met up last Saturday to visit Missoni Art Colour. Housed in The Fashion and Textile Museum on Bermondsey Street, this exhibition is intimate and perfectly formed. If you’re a lover of knits, art, colour and of course fashion  – you can’t ask for more. As a group we absolutely loved it and were blown away by the clothing in particular. There are so many beautiful examples from the Missoni archives that it is almost too good. I kept ooh-ing and coo-ing and day dreaming about swanning around Portafino in a Missoni halter neck jump-suit and matching turban.


The curation of Missoni Art Colour is spot on. The mannequins are lit in a very clever way with changing light schemes, which I won’t spoil for you with too much description incase you plan to visit yourself, and I sincerely hope you do! As one of our members commented “it is as if the colours give off energy, I can feel it”. We spent ages trying to decide which were our favourite Missoni outfits and stand out pieces and kept changing our minds every ten minutes. I settled on some knitted purple hot-pants. It’s a lot of fun to go with a friend.


You can also discover smaller rooms filled with Futurism works of art that formed the basis for Missoni’s inspiration, and see examples of their own working process with lots of colourful sketches, swatches and yarns.The museum also has a lovely coffee bar and gift shop.

It truly was a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends. Bermondsey Street was drenching in sunshine that day and also happens to be one of our favourite areas in London with so many cool bars, coffee spots, pubs and restaurants for some of us to chill in together after the Missoni meet-up.

Did you know it is the most dog friendly street in London too with many eating and drinking establishments happy to welcome your four legged friends. Check out Holly and Lil dog boutique  and ask for one of their amazing ‘Who let the dogs in?’ map of dog friendly venues.
Our fabulous women sparkle.
Our fabulous women sparkle.

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