The perfect little black dress

The perfect little black dress Rachel Beattie

11th December 2017
The perfect little black dress

Everyone deserves the perfect little black dress in their wardrobe. A timeless and affordable piece of luxury that is unique to them. At least this is what we believe at Careaux.

Hello, my name is Rachel and with my sister Laura, I have recently launched Careaux, an online luxury womenswear brand with the aim to change the way we dress and dream forever.


How it all began

When I was fourteen I had a dream of a dress which could adapt to any woman’s style, shape and dreams. This was all made possible with what is now known as the Careaux ‘magic’, our signature zip around the waist which allows the dress to separate into a top and a skirt, which offers the wearer the ability to:

  • Have a different or same size top to bottom and;

  • Interchange the tops and the skirts to create different dress styles.

Growing up I always used to steal my sister Laura’s clothes but I always wanted to change the skirt style or another detail to make it my own.  Or her dress would fit me on top but not on my bottom half.

When I was fourteen I had also just started studying my GCSEs where my two favourite subjects were Maths and Art. During that time, I worked closely with my Nana, who was a dressmaker, to produce a dress from start to finish. My Nana’s style of dressmaking harks back to an era of carefully fitting clothes to the silhouette, and this is something that is at the core of Careaux.

Our aim

Women are all shapes and sizes yet these days high-street dresses only roughly fit. The result is women ending up wearing the same slightly ill-fitting garment. As consumers, we cannot adapt these garments to our personality, mood and ultimately unique shape without paying out again for alterations to have the dress fit or by buying more unnecessary accessories to make the look personal. We wanted to produce a beautifully fitting piece for our customer. We wanted also to make sure that the dress would reflect the individuality and complexity of women today.

At Careaux we aim to democratise fashion and ensure that no matter the wearer’s age, shape, or style, there is a combination that is perfect for everyone.

Getting the business off the ground

Growing up as a teenager -there was not a day that went by when I did not think about Careaux. Yes, I went on to study Mathematics at uni but I incorporated this into the business. I delved deeper into the Maths behind Careaux, looking at all the different style and size combinations.  I wanted to capture that feeling of finding your favourite forever piece and that feeling of believing you can achieve your dreams, both of which are unique to you.

Dress combinations


Where are we now?
We have been developing the dress and the brand for eight years. We knew we wanted to make the dress as special for you as it is to us. Careaux is our dream and we want you to achieve yours. There have been many challenges and learning points along the way, from intellectual property to protect our idea, to sourcing the perfect materials.


To realise our idea it was vital to keep our consumers in mind and listen to you. We needed to challenge our assumptions. So, we decided to do research into people’s favourite dresses and find out about the biggest challenges women faced when finding a dress and try to understand your needs. As these were all the things we wanted to address and solve we needed to access groups of women. This is where I contacted Chloe at TLFW who was so supportive in helping me with this research.

The perfect little black dress
Careaux The perfect little black dress

I would now love to hear from TLFW women again and to hear your thoughts and ideas, so please do email me on or follow us on @careauxofficial on social. Thank you for taking the time to read this and may all your dreams come true!





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