Twin Peaks Pop Up London

Twin Peaks Pop Up London Shirley Dent

4th September 20152Comments

Bob? Or Bobby? There’s a big difference as fans of David Lynch’s cult TV series Twin Peaks will know. And it all comes flooding back with the Lemonade & Laughing Gas  immersive experience in the bowels of an old building at a mystery location in London.

This week tflw coolhunters ventured into the pop up Twin Peaks themed bar for a night of shenanigans and a drink or two.

Channeling Audrey Horne in the red room
Channeling Audrey Horne in the red room

The owls are not what they seem gets it right on a number of fronts. First, they made the wise decision to hold back on greed and give the theatre experience enough space to do its thing. When we heard it was a sell out for both the bar and the more expensive dining experience, we feared we might be rammed in shoulder-to-shoulder.

Not so. There is room for strange strangers’ to pass you unsettling note. There is space to explore the nooks and crannies of the deserted basement, now populated by a small town America undercut with Lynch’s signature sinister twists.


The theatre is not over-done or over-wrought. Yet it succeeds in submerging you in the Twin Peaks world that fans know and love, including nods to the series icons such as the geometric corridor with the glowing red light and the log lady.

And you should have seen what the tlfw-ers got up to in Laura Palmer’s bedroom. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t. Laura Palmer's bedroom...
Meanwhile…in Laura Palmer’s bedroom…


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