I’m trying a week of dressing up. Fancy joining in?

I’m trying a week of dressing up. Fancy joining in? Chloe Peacock

19th February 20171Comment
M&S leopard print dress

I love dressing up and honestly, I don’t do it enough these days.

I spend a lot of time at home working away on my laptop and tend to stick to jeans, leggins and comfy shift dresses. When I exit home I put on a pair of flat boots, trainers or my dog-eared Uggs at this time of year to walk my dog. My best efforts are usually ‘Sportslux’, without the lux if you know what I mean.

Last week I read an inspiring article on Refinery 29 about how ‘fashion has become pretty casual’ and that dressing up is on the rise. The article describes those magical moments when someone goes all out and looks fantastic. I found the piece really inspiring.

A lot has been written about what your clothes might be saying about you and how we make decisions about people based on their style and appearance, but perhaps there is a little less is known or discussion about how clothes can make us feel. I know dresses make me feel good about myself, so I’m not quite sure why I don’t wear them and dress up more.

It got me to thinking about a time a few years back when I was in New York feeling really down in the dumps and suffering from low self-esteem having been messed about by an idiot ex. I was watching a lot of Gossip Girl and staying on The Upper East Side at the time. So, I dried my tears and dusted myself off a la Blair & Serena. Then, for a week I got up every day and put on my favourite dresses and really made an effort with my appearance. Do you know what? I seem to remember it made me feel exponentially better!

Although life is pretty good these days and I am not experiencing any sort of emotional crisis brought on by a commitmentphobe, I’ve decided to repeat the experiment dressing up every day for a week and I’ll report back on how it makes me feel. It’s an experiment in self-care and the psychology of clothes if you will. There may even be a few outfit piccies for you…

Does anyone fancy joining in with my week of dress-up? It would be fabulous if you do!tlfw would love to hear from you and how it made you feel. Also feel free to tweet us your pictures or follow us on Instagram so we may follow you back.

M&S leopard print dress
Popping out for a dog walk in thigh-high boots as one does

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