30th March 2018

Some of you may have heard the word YONI, for others possibly not.

For yoginis like myself, we talk about this in yoga class and it is often the topic of chats with female friends whether we are talking about menstruation (or lack of), waxing or sex. Yes, the word Yoni refers to the female genitals. The Yoni is a magical gateway and in Sanskrit yoni means Sacred Space. The Yoni is regarded as the symbol of Shakti which symbolizes the feminine principle, the activating power, the creative force, and energy.

The male counterpart to the Yoni is the Lingam and the masculine element is Shiva. This is not a story about sex though! It is in fact about spirituality and the union of the human and the divine consciousness.

It is said that the Goddess Shakti is the motherly love, the warmth, protection and caring whilst Lord Shiva is the paternal love that gives us clarity, consciousness, and knowledge.

Whilst teaching yoga I enjoy showing my students mudras (hand gestures) that we can use as we practice or meditate. One of these is Yoni Mudra meaning “womb gesture”. When we connect the right and left hand together we balance the masculine and feminine energies of the body and the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This mudra can help to relieve anxiety and calms the nervous system.

In my circle of friends, we have been chatting recently about Yoni Massage and Tantric Sex. My sister even decided to discuss this with my mother one drunken night whilst on a family visit to Brighton and her response was: “Why can’t we just be happy with normal sex?”. Well, the answer is, we can but why not try other options to experience new highs (or lows).

As a teenager. the change in your Yoni is a curious time and it can be quite daunting. I can remember my period starting, pubic hair and the mysterious first orgasm. Not knowing what this sensation was, but thinking it was bloody good and trying to recreate the feeling but to no avail. Then as I got into my mid-teens something was stirring with the help of Keanu Reeves in Point Break (ah Johnny) and then BOOM at sixteen I was in full-blown Yoni heaven!

I have never had any children but twenty years down the line I realise that like the rest of my body I may want to put in some work to stop things heading south and so I decided to invest in some Yoni Eggs.

Yoni Eggs
Yoni Eggs


Yoni Eggs are for training the pelvic muscles like Kegel exercises – we train the muscles inside the wall of the vagina.   The perfect gift for friends who have just given birth naturally!

I opted for a selection of three pink rose quartz eggs. Rose quartz is also known as the “love stone” and these cute semi-precious stones look so good I almost want to put them on my yoga shrine alongside Ganesha. As well as being a weight to strengthen those inner muscles there are also many benefits of gemstones and rose quartz is good for emotional healing and can help heal wounded hearts. (Perhaps the eggs are why I never cry over any break-ups!). It also opens up the heart for both giving and receiving love (I am ready AGAIN!).

When my Yoni eggs arrived they were wrapped up in a small box with a bow! This was better than any chocolate Easter Egg…. Opening my new gift to myself I found three eggs inside; small (30x20mm), medium (40x25mm) and large (45x30mm). Now your brain automatically tells you to try the smallest first but alas this is not the case, you in actual fact start with the largest egg! The reason being is that this is easier to grip onto. Then as our muscles begin to work and improve we can then try a smaller one. Do not be fooled small eggs and not for petite ladies but for those who are experienced yoni egg users!

I felt a bit apprehensive selecting the large pink egg after recalling my friend’s recent trip to A&E all to do with an AWOL tampon! However, I lay down comfortably as instructed, used my ujjayi breath (yogic breath) and inserted it. There is an un-waxed string attached for removal so I experienced no problems there either. They are also easy to clean – just warm water and soap.

Now, these magic little eggs are weighted and the have another job that they can do – which is to help increase sexual pleasure, lubrication and awaken your sensuality. The weight of them helps to strengthen the vagina wall which increases new nerve growth which results in better orgasms – SOLD!!!

After trying my Yoni Egg for a few weeks I was hooked and I full heartily believe we should exercise all the muscles of the body and not just the superficial ones that we see in our swimwear. By golly,I think I’ve cracked the egg! My juices have been flowing in full force since inserting them for a short period during my meditation practice. I even taught yoga with them in at the end of the second week to test my muscle strength. Now when you laugh your vagina muscles open (and we often have a giggle at my yoga classes) and so I was worried about the egg popping out but low and behold my muscles kept it in for the full 90mins!

Furthermore, in yoga, we practice Ahimsa with means non-harming ourselves or others and I for one am all about self-care and love and these are perfect for this.

As for my review for the Yoni Eggs I would give them; ‘5 Whisks‘ and as my yoni twitcher Keanu Reeves would say I’ve had an “Egg-cellant Adventure“.


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